Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Tabick is the best doctor that I have encountered in my 79 years. He is very kind and extremely knowledgeable in his profession. He has a beautiful office with a group of receptionists to help you with your visits and to answer any questions that you might have.

My story began with a head cold and after that it was one thing after the other for close to seven years. I saw a therapist for the vertigo but it kept coming back. I saw a group of Chiropractors for three years three times a week but that did not work either. I decided to look for a new doctor and on line I came across with Dr. Tabick and this was a Godsend. When I started to discuss my issues Dr. Tabick knew exactly what was wrong and how to treat it because miraculously we were on the same page. After tests were taken the treatments were discussed it was unbelievable because upon the third treatment I already started to feel much better and regained my confidence to go out in the street alone again. After my Vertigo was corrected the doctor than worked on my back problems and all of my pain is now gone and my energy is all back. I am very happy and grateful to Dr. Tabick for giving me my health back after so long. May God continue to bless Dr. Tabick and his group and keep them in his care. I can not say enough about this great doctor, absolutely the best! Thank You!"

- Olga T.

"About 2 weeks ago someone I know, who suffered from mental health issues, very tragically jumped to her death. Amongst the many thoughts that run through my mind, one of my main thoughts is how eternally grateful I am that I received the help that I did, and when I did, for my mental health issues.

Had I gone to conventional medical doctors for treatment, I'd probably still be drugged up on antidepressants and dealing with the effects of living life through the bandaid that medication is.

I am incredibly grateful that God sent me your way and that as his messenger you helped me heal thoroughly and completely. Thanks to you and the care you provided for me, I am blessed to be living a physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy life. I count my blessings and what you have done for my healing has a prominent place in my, thank God, long list of blessings.

May God give you the strength to continue helping people to complete healing and to live their lives in optimum health!"

- Chaya

"My son, when he was 3-4 years old, had problems eliminating. He couldn't control his bowel movements, which caused him social problems. We had to do an enema every morning before he went off to school. This went on for a long time until we finally got to know Dr. Tabick.

Dr. Tabick's method of correcting is to examine through x-rays at the top of the spine which is connected to the brain, and he looks for any blockages from the brain which don't allow messages to flow through (something that happens often and can be shown through x-rays). Then he does chiropractic corrections to free those blockages. He usually recommends twice a week for a few months.

The results are unbelievable! Our kid became like new! It was a true miracle from Hashem. Today, he is the best in his class, thank G-d.

Lately, my baby started getting severe rashes on his head. It got so bad and filled with pus. I took him to Dr. Tabick, and after his corrections, it was gone without antibiotics, change of diet, or creams!

My husband recommended this doctor to a friend of his who has a son with learning disabilities. The case was so bad the parents feared the school might reject him. Dr. Tabick performed his usual corrections on this boy to correct the mind flow of messages so it can process without any blockages. Lo and behold, the boy started learning! Today, this boy is a great student and is performing well scholastically! I think a lot of problems can be solved through this method with Hashem's help."

- Anonymous

Regained and Maintained My Health

"On March 28, 2017, I came to your office for the first time. You’ve helped me regain my health, and thank G-d, three years later to the day, I am thriving. I am in a wonderful place that I couldn’t even imagine back then.

I am immensely grateful for all the care you have given me and continue to give through my regular visits. May G-d continue to bestow upon you the strength to continue helping many more people regain and maintain their health!

All the best, and be well!"

- Chaya G.

Mother of four and wife of Brainstem Specialist - Finally at the age of 23 I was introduced to the procedure that saved my life.

Chiropractic Brooklyn NY Jennifer"When my husband asked me to write about him and what he does and how if effects me as a woman and our children, I didn’t know where to begin. My name is Jennifer Tabick. I grew up in Spring Valley, NY around lots of green and trees. My mother suffered from allergies and so did I. As a young girl, I remember hating to go outside because I sneezed every time, my eyes swelled up and got red, and at night I had trouble sleeping because my sinuses were swelled shut. All this just from the grass and trees. My mother took me to an allergist where he gave me many shots of different allergens. He tested me for molds, tree pollen, dust, flower pollen, and more. After the tests came back, I was told I was allergic to basically everything outdoors and dust. He prescribed me medications and nasal sprays that did nothing but increase my heart rate and make me drowsy...

"My mother also took me to a general chiropractor who prescribed me different supplements that also did not help in anyway. The general chiropractor also tried his own corrections of adjustments and manipulations on my spine, nothing helped. It was from this time on I was on a quest for health. I no longer wanted to suffer with allergies and I did not like taking medications. The chiropractic adjustments seemed the least invasive correction so I decided to keep on trying that method.

I became of working age and decided to work for a chiropractor who encouraged me to go to chiropractic school. It wasn’t until I met my husband in Chiropractic school, that together we were introduced to the Specific Upper Cervical adjustment. A mutual friend of ours was attending a Specific Upper Cervical club on campus and said that we needed to invest our time in learning this method of correcting the spine. He proceeded to explain that with only one type of adjustment many aliments of the human body could be completely resolved. I couldn’t believe it. All these years I had been terribly suffering with allergies and by one Specific Upper Cervical Adjustment I could be freed from the misery I had learned to cope with. This was the answer I had been looking for. He showed my husband and me with a model of the human neck that I have a part of my brain that goes down into the upper portion of the spine (cervical spine) called the brainstem and if any part of that that brain tissue is being pressed upon by the cervical spine then my brain cannot properly communicate with the rest of my body. The brainstem is the beginning of the nerve system which runs through out my whole body controlling every function. This is true for every human being and living creature.

My husband and I wanted to find out more. We both had physical ailments we had learned to live with. We went to the club on campus and met the Chiropractor in charge of the student club. Because we were students and were eager to learn more, he agreed to help the both of us at no cost. Part of the procedure was to have Specific Upper cervical x-rays taken of just the neck area of the spine. The next part of the procedure, after the Doctor analyzed the x-rays, was to be scanned with a small instrument in the back of the neck. It was painless and completely non-invasive. The instrument can tell if a correction needed to be administered or not. The Doctor didn’t inject me and he didn’t give me medications or supplements to take.

He told me he needed to only adjust the upper portion of my neck by administering a quick pressure pulse by his own hand. This pulse would ultimately release the pressure that my upper cervical spine was putting on the portion of my brain called the brainstem and nerve
system. The release would then allow the rest of my body to properly communicate with my brain and function to the best of its ability in order to correct my ailment.

Once I heard this explained to me in this way, it seemed right. It was non-invasive and I didn’t have to take any more medication, and most of all I would finally have relief. As I mentioned before, I couldn’t breath properly, I could’t sleep properly, this affected my moods and I was tired all the time. I hated to go outside. I can remember one time while I was on allergy medications, it had greatly affected my heart and I almost had a heart attack. I was about 14 years old when this happened. Finally at the age of 23 I was introduced to the procedure that saved my life. I was adjusted by this doctor until my husband was proficient enough to check and adjust me himself. Needless to say I no longer suffer miserably with allergies. I can enjoy a walk outside and many other outdoor activities now with my family of 4 beautiful children. I can sleep, and thankfully I can breathe properly.

I am happy to say because this procedure has helped me be completely medication free for more than 15 years, I have trusted it to care for our children since before birth and of course after. I feel it has alleviated the stress of sickness in our family. We are not a family that frets about sickness but lives joyfully in health. I know they are healthy because their bodies are working at 100% of their ability. Dad checks them with the non-invasive small instrument and if they need it they have the pressure relieved off of that portion of their brain with that quick pressure pulse only done by hand, dads hand, they get adjusted. When the body works there is no need to find ways to fix ailments, any type of ailments or disease.

This is the only procedure I know that gets to the root of the problem. This procedure is not a band-aid. The adjustment fixes the real issue of the body and the body uses the nerve system to communicate throughout itself to correct itself. G-d Himself has given us the ability to correct. Sometimes through our own daily habits, or sudden bad news, a simple fall, our bodies will cause the spine to move and shift in ways that it shouldn’t. This causes pressure on that part of the brain in the upper neck. This pressure causes damage that can manifest itself through out the body in many forms; i.e., such as a cold or fever, decreased immune functions, which can leave the body vulnerable to many viruses and bacteria.

Our children have gotten adjusted this way since birth. I never had to administer antibiotics or cold medication. We never suffered from ear infections or pink eye. I knew that their bodies were working and there was nothing to fix if they did get a fever. In most cases, we have learned that a fever is the bodies way of getting rid of something it doesn’t need. In the end, the child’s immune system, if left to do its job, becomes stronger.

I’ll end with a short story. This summer while on vacation, my son was helping his little sister surfing in the ocean. They were just a couple of feet from shore and he was stuck by a Manta Ray. A Manta Ray has a poisonous sting from a barb in it’s tail. Unexperienced, we took our son immediately to the life guard on duty. By this time my son was in terrible pain and it was traveling up his leg. To our relief the life guard said all he needed was to soak his foot in very hot water and probably get a tetanus shot and take an antibiotic. Well, my husband and I smiled at each other and I knew he would take him back home -which thankfully was across the street, check him with that small instrument and administer the “antivenom”--- the Specific Upper Cervical adjustment. Within a few hours the pain started to go away and it had localized to his foot. We soaked his foot in the hot water and that night we went out to dinner. The next day he had some soreness and just a few days later it was as if nothing happened at all. No antibiotic, no medications, nothing could have done the same work the adjustment did.

There is nothing else I would trust as much as this type of health care for our family. I am so privileged and blessed that it is my husband, Dr. Christopher Tabick, who can administer such care."

Specific Chiropractic and Liver failure

"Our son was born in March of ‘13. It was a normal delivery of a healthy baby boy. He was not yellow at all at birth. About 6 weeks later he seemed yellow. We brought him to the doctor and he told us that the blood test showed high bilirubin. The doctor said to take him immediately to a liver specialist. At about 7 weeks of age, our son was seen by a liver specialist. The specialist was concerned about Biliary Atresia. He did many tests, which showed that his liver was not functioning properly. We were then forced to do a biopsy to figure out what was wrong. The results showed that it was not Biliary Atresia, but was not conclusive of the problem. They called it Neonatal Hepatitis (which simply means ‘problem with the liver’). The baby stopped gaining weight, in fact he was losing weight. His muscle tone dropped dramatically and his skin was very yellow, as well. The Doctor couldn’t correct the problem until he discovered the source. Meanwhile, he was taking special formula to help add calories, and aid with digesting fats that his body wasn’t doing. We were very frightened and worried, until one day my mother-in-law told us about a Chiropractor, Dr. Tabick, which she goes to. She told us that he had helped other people in the past. We felt we had nothing to lose, so we decided to try it...

"We drove all the way from Central NJ to Brooklyn, NY with our newborn baby (On a good day it took 1 hour and 15 minutes). Dr. Tabick looked at our baby, took some x-rays, and read his report. We held our breath as he told us what he thought about the situation. He said he thinks he can help us. He explained to us where he thought the problem was coming from. Dr. Tabick told us that when the baby was in the womb, or perhaps from birth, his spine got compressed. The signals from the brain that needed to get to the part of the body where the liver was, was not getting any messages, therefore his liver was not working. Dr. Tabick told us that in a few months he will open up his spine and allow the messages to go through, and then our baby will be back to normal. We were so happy and hopeful. Twice a week we brought our baby to be adjusted. We started in June, and didn’t really see any changes for about two months. In about the beginning of August, we had a Doctor’s appointment in CHOP at the specialist. Our baby still didn’t gain any weight and he was falling way off the growth chart. We were starting to really get concerned, especially the Doctor. He began to discuss with us about putting in a feeding tube. He explained to us that a baby needs fat for brain development, therefore it was extremely important that he put on a few pounds. Another concern was that he also was unable to put any weight on his feet because they were too weak.

The next day we went to Dr. Tabick, very concerned and upset about the feeding tube. Dr. Tabick told us very strongly that we should not do it. He said that based on his reading, he saw that our baby will begin improving. We calmed down a little and became more optimistic. At that point, we bought a scale so that we could monitor his weight. Sure enough, about 2 weeks later, we weighed him and he gained ½ pound. Slowly each week after that, he kept on gaining a little bit at a time. In the meantime, we were doing all kinds of blood tests, specialized genetic tests, and they all came back negative. For us this was amazing news and aside from that, Dr. Tabick’s theory was correct!

By the time it was October, we had another Doctor’s appointment with the specialist. He was pleasantly surprised that our baby did gain some weight and was heading up toward the bottom line of the growth chart. The blood tests were also going in a positive turn, and his muscle tone was improving as well. All this time, we were going to Dr. Tabick two times a week, and Dr. Tabick was very encouraging how well the baby looked. Slowly his yellowness was disappearing and he was beginning to fill out and gain some more weight.

By the time the baby was 8-9 months old, he was crawling and standing. He was on the 13th percentile in weight and the yellowness was completely gone. His blood tests were also almost all in the normal range. At this point, Dr. Tabick told us we should start coming in only once a week, then one every two weeks… He kept spacing out our visits more and more.

Our baby is now 1 years old. HE started walking, climbing up and down steps, and even began talking. He is doing all the things that a 1 year old should be doing. We just got back his recent blood test results, and thank G-d, his liver numbers are all normal!!

Dr. Tabick, how can we thank you enough for your kindness encouragement, and of course great expertise, through this very trying time for us and our family.

Thank You!"

Multiple Sclerosis and Chiropractic

"Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disorder characterized by central nervous system (CNS) deficits, which occur unpredictably with remissions and recurring exacerbations.

It is due to demyelination of the lateral and posterior columns of white matter in neural tissue...

"The lesions can be located anywhere in the CNS. Tracts in the pons, midbrain, and cerebellum are affected more frequently, and gray matter in the cerebrum can be affected. MS results in a multitude of neurological symptoms ranging from numbness, tingling, slurred speech, changes in cognition and vision, and in severe cases paralysis can be present. Most individuals diagnosed with MS have a normal life expectancy, but in some severely progressive cases the disease process can result in death.

MS has become more widespread in recent decades as more than 450,000 Americans currently have the disease, and every hour someone is newly diagnosed. MS affects more than 2.3 million people worldwide.

MS mostly affects young adults and women between the ages of 20 and 50, and it is two to three times more common in females and Caucasians of northern European ancestry when compared to other ethnic groups.

Correction of MS may include the use of pharmaceutical drugs along with corticosteroids to lessen symptoms and improve recovery after a sudden attack.

Structural shifts of the vertebrae in the neck are a common presentation in most chiropractic offices as it’s usually the source of spinal pain and other neurological problems.

When structural shifts occur in the neck, this causes obstruction of the spinal cord. Demyelination of nerve fibers and vascular changes in the spinal cord occur.

By determining the exact location of vertebral subluxation, the chiropractor can help to restore normal position and motion of the vertebrae, remove the obstruction to nerves, and stop the degenerative effects.

The patient reported on in the study was a 39-year-old wheelchair bound female with a 20-year history of suffering from multiple sclerosis. Multiple brain lesions on MRI confirmed the diagnosis and she was previously managed medically with increasing disability noted. She had multiple health concerns including sensory deficits, pain, visual loss and inability to walk or move her arms.

The chiropractor examined the woman and found significant structural shifts in her upper neck. These structural shifts, more commonly known as vertebral subluxations by doctors of chiropractic, result in nerve obstruction and doctors of chiropractic correct these obstructions.

The patient received chiropractic care for over a year to reduce the subluxations in her neck. She gained the ability to walk again, her vision returned, her pain reduced and follow-up MRI results revealed no active plaques in the brain. She can feed, comb her hair, put on make-up and dress herself on her own now."

Improved Health Outcomes in a Multiple Sclerosis Patient Undergoing Chiropractic Care for Vertebral Subluxation: A Case Report & Review of the Literature
Christopher Tabick, D.C. & Jessica Quintero-Villa, D.C. Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research. November 9, 2017. Pages 221-231

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